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We talk of how all “matter” is made up of energy, and that energy is what is produced from subatomic particles within the atom such as the interaction between protons, neutrons and electrons. In fact electromagnetic energy exists throughout the universe. In order to understand the relationship of this energy to the human body and thus the brain it would be wise to delve in some basics about electrons.
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God Created Principles


In an age of scientific computations and the scientific theory to explain phenomenon, it continually fascinates me when I read how the human body reacts at every nanosecond of life. For instance, just on the subject of how our nervous system programs and controls its genetic output is quite astonishing. We often take for granted the millions and even billions of reactions taking place at a given moment unconsciously. It is too exponential to humanely comprehend.
All processes are predicated on the “gene” being produced inside the cell. A nerve cell which in order to be activated, goes through a myriad of chemical reactions in an instant. Once the initial stimulus is activated whether it be through movement, exercise, hormone, brain neurotransmitter and others, this starts the chain events to eventually cause a gene in the nerve cell to be produced. But way before this can happen, there are numerous messengers that lead the way such as (G-proteins, secondary proteins, kinases, 3rd messengers) all outside the middle of the cell called the nucleus.
Let me give a simple example. You tell your friend to take a message to another person, but in order for this to happen there are multiple starts and stops and streets to go through before you get to the building where your friend is at. So once you get to the building and find the office you have to find your friend in a certain room. However before you enter the room someone can stop you if that message should not get there. Well the neuron (nerve cell) also has these restraints in place if need be, except they are chemical in nature known as CREB-like proteins. Providing the message gets past this and other chemicals, will determine if a gene is produced that can carry out the mission, in this case an activated nerve or action potential.
The fascinating aspect is that when these chemicals are broken down they all have quantum particles such as electrons which are pure energy. These particles are in all “matter” and within themselves are connected to other electrons. Most interesting is that these particles, are empty space! Just swirls of energy. This empty space energy, and the aspect of controlling chemical messengers that predict what should happen in a cell are evolutionized “matter”, meaning, they have evolved along the way but were created for this purpose.
Isn’t Spirit energy? If so, is not Spirit empty space, not bound by time or space? The soul is manifested Spirit for it is this Spirit that abides in all. It leads the holographic nature of God created principles. It is time to understand and begin to use and manifest with these principles, for the expanded consciousness is well prepared. It is what Jesus and all of the enlightened have taught humankind to understand. What a marvelous God we have.
Merry Christmas.
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