Miasms the human body and the world!


Can current events of the world be a predictor of an oncoming spiritual revolution? Could the global physical, environmental, emotional, egoic dysfunctions that exist on collective and individual levels actually promote a movement towards a millennium of enlightenment?
The word miasm means a cloud or fog in the being or another way of defining is interruption. It seemed to be coined by Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann, a German Physician best known for creating a system of alternative medicine called homeopathy. He felt that miasms or interruptions were a contributing cause to many acute illnesses. Infectious agents such as bacteria, viruses and other pathogens which can be eradicated by a sound immune system or by pharmaceutical agents, can remain dormant in our bodies and alter energy systems. We now know that certain diseases such as dementias and central and peripheral nervous system abnormalities producing conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis etc. can be attributable to “slow viruses”. These are fragments of earlier infections that can become imbedded in one’s DNA and be activated later on as a disease process. We also know that certain breast cancers have viral fragments within the tissue. But how does this relate to miasms and better yet, this relationship to present worldly events?
To understand where miasmas reside we need to understand that electromagnetic energy is part of our internal and external environment. It is part of our cells atomic structure. Electrons are energized particles that exist everywhere in nature. Visible “matter” contains them as well as invisible “matter” such as radio waves, x-rays etc… So energy fields exist within and outside the physical vehicle we know as a body. The energy produced is called the bio-magnetic field. There is great influence this field plays at the cellular level within our bodies. Miasms are part of this bio-magnetic field using it as a vehicle for physical infiltration. Interruption of this bio-magnetic field causes miasms which eventually affect the cells and cause dis-ease or disease. But what does all of this have to do with the opening statement? Can these miasms be related through the disease process it produces to ignite our inner spirit to evolve?
The vibrational alterations via electrons in the bio-magnetic field can alter our cellular processes to become aberrant or physiological abnormal. Factors such as stressors: emotional, nutritional, environmental, drug effects, pathogens etc. can all affect the human bio-energetic system creating miasms and potentially causing diseases. But what about worldly events?
Whether one admits it or not we have built “within” the need of the human spirit to understand and recognize our innate awareness of our own divinity. When through dysfunctional patterns of thought or thinking, disturbs this awareness especially through faulty belief systems is when the bio-energetic field as we stated earlier via bio-magnetic mechanisms produce negative physiological stresses. If this affects an individual it can produce a disease, if it affects a culture it can produce its destruction. It is however, these very miasms that once initiated, that many begin to seek their roots of divinity for a solution, which will prompt many to change their thinking, their environment, their culture and the world. It is the “crashing” of the human aspect that ignites the very drive towards enlightenment.
We see such tragedies in so many vectors of today’s climate that unless these miasms ignite recognition of our divinity from God, the present world we live in will be unsustainable on all levels. Let us move forward and use such horrific events as birth pangs to the New Millennium, either way it will manifest.
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