Flours, Grains, carbohydrates and diets, why so confusing?
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An Old Theory Re-visited About The Potential Cause Of Cancer Part 3!


We briefly discussed the role of mitochondria in Part 2. Let us progress in this understanding. Mitochondria are  organelles or parts of the cell that utilize mechanisms of digestion and respiration. They take in nutrients break them down and produce energy for the cell. The cell needs energy to survive and the role that mitochondria play for the survival of the cell is termed cellular respiration. Muscle cells need more energy so there are many mitochondria present. That is why the heart must have efficient mitochondria working. Drugs that inhibit cholesterol production in the liver called “statins” also inhibit the utilization of COQ10 a nutrient which is vital for the mechanisms of the mitochondria to work. So by decreasing this nutrient via pharmaceuticals reduces an important aspect of the needs of the mitochondria so they become inefficient. In essence they are damaged thus the cells they are in function inefficiently, in this case the heart.
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An old theory re-visited about the potential cause of cancer -Part 2


Let us begin were we left off with part 1. In order to be successful in any endeavor, one must have an understanding of the potential outcome or at least feel good that what they would anticipate would actually happen. Thus planning becomes easier since the predictive outcome has a higher potential. Let us use a simple example. If you are a coach of a football team and have a good defensive coordinator, then with a high probability of success that by anticipating what the other team will do with their offense, you would design defensive schemes to stop their attack thus ultimately winning the game. But let us suppose that how you think that the other team would play was all wrong, then the outcome would be simple, you would chalk up a loss.
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