First Step:

Once you have made an appointment with Dr, Stefanelli at The Chiropractic Neurology Center of Essex County you will be asked to fill out a general information section which includes any insurance information you may have. You will also be asked to fill out a health questionnaire which will provide Dr. Stefanelli with any pertinent information that may apply. You will then have a consultation with Dr. Stefanelli to discuss your particular health related situation, which can be related to musculoskeletal neurological, nutritional disorders or a combination of both.

Second Step:

Depending on your particular healthcare needs the following may apply:

1) Examination

2) Diagnostic studies e.g. xrays, MRI, laboratory analysis etc.

3) Dietary recall if the situation warrants it

4) Referral to other healthcare providers if necessary

5) Plan of Treatment will be explained

Treatments are based on individual healthcare needs. Each care plan is specifically designed to optimize your wellness through a variety of treatment modalities for your indvidual situation. This is why all information provided to Dr. Stefanelli as stated above is crucial for your wellness. Dr. Stefanelli uses a multitude of treatments to affect the musculoskeletal neurological, brain based and nutritional needs as may apply. There are at times take home musculoskeletal, brain based neurological exercises as well as nutritional dietary changes that can apply depending on your individual needs.

Our goal at the Chiropractic Neurology Center of Essex County is to optimize your wellness and to enhance your health potential.

We welcome you to our center.

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